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For the 2024-25 school year, we offer a 5-day program for all classes.

All classrooms are mixed-age classrooms, ages 2 through 6 years


Our classrooms offer children a special place designed to encourage curiosity and cultivate their natural desire to learn. Neither solemn nor chaotic, there are cheerful, stimulating areas where children are secure to develop at a pace unique and natural to each.  There are open spaces where children are encouraged to choose their own activities displayed on open shelves or in areas around the room.  An emphasis on the feelings and rights of others, and on protocol of using and sharing classroom materials, contributes to a child's sense of self-discipline and control, skills that help them make constructive use of classroom time and freedom.  As children develop social relationships, they learn to solve problems and understand other’s perspectives.


Our program differs from traditional early-childhood education in that each classroom is a carefully prepared environment designed specifically to capitalize on the student’s natural curiosity and love of learning. The classrooms are well organized to allow children the freedom to select from a wide variety of learning materials designed to match their developmental needs and personal interests.  The following is a short list of just a few of the special components of our Montessori classrooms:


  • Manipulative, concrete materials in the classroom enable each child to work at tasks that are naturally engaging and developmentally appropriate.

  • Children have a long, uninterrupted work cycle to develop concentration and mastery of work.

  • Under the teacher’s guidance, each child is able to select his or her own work according to personal interests and curiosity.

  • Our teachers use strategies that support and facilitate the unique and total growth of each individual.

  • Instruction includes special studies of the various cultural subjects like science, geography, zoology, and biology.

  • Students are encouraged to learn respectful, caring attitudes for oneself, others, and the environment.

  • Emergent readers will strengthen decoding skills and increase reading fluency.

  • Older students have the opportunity to integrate conceptual skills and to pursue academic and cultural subjects in depth, thereby becoming independent learners, well prepared for the rigorous elementary experience.


The classroom curriculum is rich and expansive and provides opportunities for a child to develop concentration, coordination, independence, order, and the five senses as well as enriched language and math skills. Rounding out the curriculum are integrated continent studies, art, music, and physical education. In addition to the formal curriculum, children are taught the skills necessary to get along well with others and be a part of a group. Children are empowered to solve difficulties through lessons on reflective listening, empathy, and personal responsibility throughout the school year. Our program focuses on helping students to make intelligent choices, to focus and concentrate, and engage in caring and purposeful interaction with the environment, lessons, and with others.

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