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A Typical Daily Schedule 


Reading and Playing


Group time: short demonstration of materials


Free Choice indoors: Children choose materials from the Practical Life, Sensorial, Math,

Language, Pre-reading, Geography, Science, and Art areas


Group Time: Thematic materials and music & movement.  Activities include dance,

exercise, musical instruments, singing, finger plays, and drama


Free Choice outdoors: Children choose what to play (climbing apparatus,

tricycles, swings, playhouse, construction sets, etc.)


Spanish Lesson




Nap time for napping students


Circle time, rest, story, demonstrations for

non-napping students


Free choice indoors (see above)


Clean up, music, games


Free choice outdoors, snack


Art project and free choice indoors


* Free Choice:  During free choice, the children move freely around the classroom and choose their individual work.  They may choose activities from a variety of curriculum areas—Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Geography, Art, and Science.


During the first two weeks of school, the basic materials of each area are presented to give the children an idea of what is available in the classroom and to familiarize them with the organization of the school.  From the first day of school we emphasize ground rules such as putting work away, talking and walking quietly and not touching others’ work, etc. which teaches the children respect for the environment and the rights of others, as well as their own rights.  This allows the children to make their own decisions and become independent, responsible learners.


The teacher serves as an observer, guide, and exemplar.  Her observations allow her to direct the children to their areas of special need.  She assists in ordering a child’s work for success.  The teacher gives clues to extend the exploration of the materials.  She gives presentations of new work and re-demonstrations when it is necessary.

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