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Mountain View-
Los Altos
Montessori Children's Center

Welcome to MVLA Montessori

At Mountain View-Los Altos Montessori Children's Center, children will thrive in the prepared environment where they are challenged, stimulated and inspired to grow into all that they can be.  In the Montessori classroom, children are offered a wide range of materials, including science, math, language, geography, cultural, sensorial, practical life, and art.  All of these materials are designed to progress from simple to more complex as well as to prepare the child for future learning.  


Our most important thrust with children is in developing a strong self-esteem and an equally strong enjoyment of school.  The attitudes children develop at this stage in their lives will be carried with them throughout their adult years.  The years from 0 to 6 are the most important years of their lives, where many of their values are formed for a lifetime.  Therefore, it is our policy not to push children in the academic areas, but rather to present materials based on the children’s observable interests and needs.  The children’s own self-motivation is the impetus they need to learn all there is in the classroom and the world around them.

"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world." -Maria Montessori



Come and Visit!


Our school operates year-round, closing for all major and legal holidays.  We also close for a short time at the beginning and end of our summer program.  Please call us at 650-422-1224 to arrange for a tour and visit of our campus.  


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